About Us

Products on offer

ChizMizShop store in the spring of 1394 with the aim of providing the best Iranian and foreign goods began. The shop offers various products in different areas. We tried a wide range of customers' needs cover in a single location. Customers can products like apparel, footwear, sporting goods and leisure, watches and ornaments ... find in the store. It is hoped that every day we can add to the diversity of products offered.

Store Features

ChizMizShop store at any time of the day ready to serve our customers. There is no constraint where customers can buy from anywhere the internet. The buyer can see many things. There is no limit to the number of customers. ChizMizShop store gives buyers more choices available. The store promotional tool to sell products manufacturers. Purchased goods home delivery, insurance product and of the transport problem is ChizMizShop store's competitive advantages. Efforts to reduce air pollution is Chyzmyzshap store's social responsibility.